Artwork Set "A Continuous Brew"
Artwork Set "A Continuous Brew"
Artwork Set "A Continuous Brew"

Artwork Set "A Continuous Brew"

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This sophisticated teapot artwork set titled "A Continuous Brew (The AM and PM Dances Set)" was hand-crafted with acrylic paint on canvas by artist Anna Marie Young in 2023. The set includes two hangable acrylic framed artworks inside matching gold vintage frames. This piece was developed to portray the intertwining of memories, the dance of time, and the unity of two minds. Each product measures 7.5"x9". This art was inspired by the poem we wrote below:


"In this cherished home, where minds interlace,

Memories infuse, like tea leaves in an embrace.

Clock hands hug atop the highest peak,

Morning and night, a duality they speak.

As teapots pour, their flavors intertwine,

AM and PM unite, shaping lives' design.

With each sip, they soar on wings of flight,

Chasing tomorrows, bathed in golden light.

The teapots whisper secrets left untold,

Holding tales of wonders, both new and old.

One mind, a guardian of days long gone,

The other, a seeker of stories to spawn.

Honoring the past, embracing the unknown,

Memory hovers, a melodic tone.

A waltz between what was and what is to be,

Two minds, one memory, forever set free.

Exploring shades bold and true,

AM and PM Dances, a continuous brew."


- Anna Marie Young

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