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We understand the challenges of balancing your vision with needs, managing budgets, and finding reliable designers. At Just Decorate, as experts in virtual interior design, we specialize in room-by-room decoration. Based in San Francisco, our team ensures each room reflects your unique style and meets your needs.


Our process starts with a consultation interview to understand your style and needs. We then create personalized designs, including mood boards and product recommendations, which we deliver digitally for you to implement at your own pace. You'll also have up to 3 revisions to ensure the design meets your expectations.

Virtual interior design is perfect for anyone looking to refresh their space with professional guidance, regardless of location or budget constraints. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable design experience from start to finish.

Absolutely! Our designers can work with your existing pieces and incorporate them into the new design. During the consultation, we'll discuss your preferences, and if desired, we'll provide recommendations to complement your existing belongings and achieve a cohesive look.

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