Bedding Builders: 5 Items Make a Lasting Bed Set

The best bedding provides a good night's rest, but where do we start? After all... We do spend one-third of our life in bed! With an unimaginable amount of options, here are useful bedding suggestions and tips to take home. 

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  1. Pick a duvet cover or comforter as you main blanket.
  2. Determine the quality and size of fitted and flat sheets.
  3. Add warmth and design flair with quilts vs coverlets.
  4. Find the preferred pillows & shams arrangement.
  5. Finish with essential bedding and extras. Goodnight!

To transform your home, shares 5 Items Make a Lasting Bed Set.

1 Duvet cover vs Comforter: Pick a Team Like Twilight the Vampire Movie

  • Duvet & Cover: A duvet cover has an insert that works as the fill, like a giant pillowcase! Washing the cover is simple since the insert can be removed, bedding is versatile because it can be switched out, and covers add a cloud-like style to the bed. Some duvets come with a clip or tie to keep the insert in place so it doesn’t clump. Jacob, the Werewolf, enjoys duvet sets because he is a hot sleeper from running in the woods.
  • Comforter: Comforters have a quilted, evenly distributed filling that can not be removed. Comforters usually come with matching sets and offered a more layered look to the bed. Comforters can be harder to clean if they are not machine washable and may be hot for a warm sleeper. Edward, the Vampire, likes comforters because he gets cold in his coffin.
  • Care: Some bedding requires dry-cleaning. Not all bedding is machine washable! Check the information to see the best caring instructions.
2 Fitted and Flat Sheets: Determine Quality and Size Before Buying
  • Material: Cotton sheets are the most common. Additional types or material mixes of bedding include jersey knit, linen cotton, cotton jersey, cotton gauze, velvet, flannel blends, Tencel /lyocell, silk, polyester, bamboo-rayon, and others. Sheets made with polyester and or microfiber are indeed affordable, soft, and are pill-resistant compared to traditional polyester, but remember the material is less breathable than cotton and less friendly towards more sensitive skin.
  • Thread count: While sheets are commonly 250 thread count or above, it’s not about numbers, but ensuring durability without compromising softness. For example, multiple yarns can be twisted together to make a thread count of over 1,000, but it doesn’t mean it’s well-constructed. Find a high-quality supplier with a thread count ranging from 200-800.
  • Thickness: Two-ply sheets are woven more loosely than single-ply. Single-ply sheets are typically cheaper, softer, and more durable.
  • Depth: A standard mattress is 7-14 inches. Anything ranging from 15-22 inches is considered extra deep. Make sure to count the size of your mattress topper too, if you have one!
3 Quilts vs Coverlets: Add Warmth and Design Flair For Additional Care
  • Both quilts and coverlets provide extra warmth and can be used to decorate the front of your bed. A quilt is constructed from three separate layers and stitched together from a variety of fabrics. A coverlet is a lighter-weight quilted or woven bedspread.
4 Pillows & Shams: Find the preferred pillow arrangement
  • Standard pillowcases cover your pillow while you sleep, whereas pillow shams decorate the pillowcases for the bed. Shams also come in a ‘euro’, a square shape for the back of the bed, or a ‘neckroll’ or ‘bolster’, a small circle shape. Pillows used for decoration are most often decor pillows and boudoir pillows. Decor pillows are typically 20x20 in, 18x18 in, or 16x16 in. Boudoir pillows are typically small and rectangular typically around 12 x 16 inches.
5 Bedding Extras: Finish with essential and extras
  • Additional bedding basics include a Mattress Cover and Protectors, and an optional Mattress Topper. To dress up your bed further, bedding Extras include a bed skirt, canopy cover, and bed knobs.

Head to for all of your bedding and decor essentials. Add some glam and pick a sham! 


Written by Nicholas Bennett, Co-Founder

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