Art Tip: 3 Tricks to Turn Walls into Galleries

Give your space a place to remember! Decorate your walls with art to transform your home. shares 3 quick Tricks to Turn Walls into Galleries.

1. Choose the rooms you design.

2. Decide on the style arrangement.

3. Start the space with artwork.


1. RoomsChoose the rooms you want to add art. 

Add art to different rooms in your home including the Office, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, and Bathroom. Identify the number of rooms that need artwork and build your collection from there. It is recommended to add art in the locations where you spend the most time in your home to enjoy it, fully. 

2. ArrangementsDecide on the arrangement of the art. 

Art is best presented when it is visible and can be appreciated often. Start with a single print, get 2-3 prints and place them in a row or position them diagonally from each other, or make an entire wall full of art. Art can also be presented in fun ways like adding art to bookcase on a tiny easel, propped against a bookshelf, or even attached to the ceiling! The options are limitless. 

3. Filling SpacesFill up the space with art to fill empty walls.

A great way to grow your art collections is to purchase art that match your design style. You can also mix poster and printed art with framed art and you can switch them around your art as your taste and design evolves.

Head to to find your Artwork!  

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