Workspace 101: 3 Steps to Make a Home Office

Whether you’re working or creating, Just Decorate helps you develop a workspace tailored for you. Design the perfect home office by finding, deciding, and decorating to make the most out of your space.

1. Find the office space by identifying the spots with good lighting, making enough space to work, and finding a quiet area.

Since proper lighting is important at all hours of the day, find existing lighting from windows and fixtures or create the new lighting. If you can't dedicate a whole room to a workspace, then find a quiet corner where you can focus on work.

2. Decide on an arrangement by thoughtfully personalizing your space, developing organization methods, and hiding things you don’t need to see.

Take the time to make your office an exciting space to be in by adding meaningful and symbolic things, try doing a project to estimate and create organizational systems, and learn crafty ways to hide unwanted items such as cords.

3. Decorate your collection by developing a color scheme, keeping supplies stocked, and creating a comfy space.

Keep a few colors close to you so you can use them in your office design, log what you run out of so you can overstock to save time, and do everything in your power to make a comfortable office that you want to work in every day.

The perfect home office is designed and maintained when you find, decide, and just decorate your space. Just Decorate is here to help you develop a workspace tailored just for you. Shop our Office Collection today!

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